Congratulations! Because if you are here, then you already are mindful of some of the most pressing questions we, as consumers, need to answer.

Questions like “How do the products we use affect our health and that of life on land and underwater?” Or, “How dangerous are the plastic and carbon footprints of the products we use?” And, most definitely, “Are the products we buy, responsibly sourced and produced?”

You see, for long, industries have continued to plunder natural resources to use, make, and then to sell non-biodegradable and unsustainable products, which get dumped, in some harmful form, back into the ecosystem.

But Nature never had unlimited resources, and the world’s ‘throw-away’ culture has taken its toll.

We need only to look around our urban spaces for the signs: Lakes frothing over with chemical waste, landfills towering over our cities, and the air we are supposed to breathe putting us in a chokehold instead. The strain of ecological distress is not just on our cities, but across our planet, our only home, but you already know that.

We, at Organic Homes, would love to make it easier for you to appraise and change what and how you consume, as it is a good place to start a sustainable way of life.

You can take a huge stride towards it just by opting for organic, toxin-free ingredients in the products you use. It is something you can do right away, from your homes, within your existing lifestyles.

At Organic Homes, we pledge to stand by you through this journey, for you should not have to make this shift all by yourself. We will help you, listen to you, and even amplify your efforts to reach more kindred spirits. Our conversations will only make us stronger.

But, what does it really mean going organic and toxin-free with us, at Organic Homes?

We are not the first to do this. But we, at Organic Homes, are among the few who do it right. For, how do you verify what is organic and what is not? Short of a visit to the manufacturing plant, the only true way is to rely on certification, given by competent and independent authorities.

Organic Homes will be among the first to secure the requisite certification for each of our products that declare, loud and clear, our products to be truly organic. Every choice that you make with us will be a conscious move towards bettering your health and the health of our home planet.

Take a look at our plant-based home-cleaners range. It is GreenPro-certified, and has been lab-tested for efficacy. As we launch more products, we are all ears for suggestions on what you would like us to bring to you.

Amplifying your choices will spur us on. At Organic Homes, we have pledged to self-impose a tax of 1 percent on our sales for non-profits working on improving our air, water and land. Tell us of a cause you would like us to contribute to. The more our tribe grows, the swifter our community will erase its inorganic footprint, becoming kinder towards Planet Earth.

Each time we sell one of our organic and safe products, we know that we are fostering innovation for kinder solutions, driving inclusive and sustainable production patterns and economic growth.

So, kudos for committing to a lifestyle that is not just an urgent need, but a way of healing ourselves, and leaving something better for our next generation.


With love,

Your Organic Homes team

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