All the cleaners are GreenPro certified and have been certified by NABL approved labs. You can see the certificates here

GreenPro is a Green Product Certification developed by the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) and is aimed at helping consumers make informed choices. It is a seal of guarantee that the product bearing the GreenPro label is environmentally more sustainable throughout its life cycle. You can read more about it here

Primarily because of the ingredients we choose to make our products which don't have any harmful footprint on the environment. It is followed by the manufacturing process and the product performance during use all laid out as per the GreenPro guidelines

Not at all. On the contrary you get better cleaning without worrying about the harmful effects of your cleaners on either your health or the well being of the environment

What is the cost of a product? Is it only what you pay for it? Or should it also include the cost of the impact that the product makes from being sourced, manufactured and disposed off in nature? How about the cost of the harm that these products cause to us or to the other living organisms through the products entire lifecycle? We use organic plant based ingredients in our products which are safe and toxin free not just for us but for our surrounding ecosystems as well. Our ingredients come more expensive than their inorganic counterparts which are used in traditional cleaners

Between 4 to 6 days

Only for order value less than 500

You can refer anyone from your family, friends or colleagues. The faster our tribe grows the swifter our community will erase its inorganic footprint, becoming kinder towards Planet Earth. Each referral will generate a unique referral code. Once the referee makes a purchase using your referral code both of you would get a discount coupon of 100 each for your next purchase

Most of our products are those which you use regularly at home. To ease you from the hassle of reordering and to ensure that you never run out of the essentials we have a convenient way to order at regular intervals, which we call as subscription. You can set up a tailor made subscription plan for yourself in your account by choosing the products which you want to subscribe on a monthly interval. Just set up the payment mode after that and we'll take it from there

Yes, even though all the bottles are fully recyclable we want to reduce the plastic usage since the refill pouches use 70% less plastic as compared to the bottles. While we have ensured that the bottles are durable and last long for reuse, if at any time during your subscription period you want to replace the bottles with a new set of bottles you can just write to us at

Subscription comes with the following benefits i) Reduces your plastic footprint since the refill pouches use 70% lesser plastic than the bottles ii) Reduces hassles of reordering or running out of essentials at any time iii) Delivered at your doorstep every month like clockwork iv) Flexibility to modify, pause or cancel subscription any time v) And yes subscription plans are cheaper by 10% as compared to one time purchases

Yes, you can. Just log into your account and check your current subscriptions

Yes, you can. Just log into your account and check your current subscriptions

Yes, you can have subscription plans running for different addresses from a single account. You would just need to add the different delivery addresses and ensure that the right subscription plan is mapped to the right address. We understand you may want to gift a subscription to any of your friends or may even want to order for your parents back at home.

When you start your subscription you pay only for the first month on checkout. The payment mode (Debit Card/Credit Card/UPI) that you select at this time will get auto billed every month after that. For example, if you purchase a subscription on the 7th of the month, payment would get auto debited every 7th of the month thereafter. Please note that the payment mode you select needs to have the auto debit feature enabled. Else the payment would not automatically go through for the subsequent months.